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The Ever After Estate Luxury Vacation Rental - Virtual Tours

Below are more than a dozen virtual tours of The Ever After Estate. Select any tour and it will open in a separate window. By holding your left mouse button down and scrolling in any direction, you should be able to "tour" the room...360 degrees in every direction.

Be our guest in this gorgeously luxurious king-sized bedroom sure to provide a delicious night of rest!

Our state-of-the-art movie theater features 9 fully-reclining seats that are so comfortable some guests even choose to sleep in them! In addition to playing DVDs and Blu-Rays from our library of 1,000+ titles, the theater also has a Wii, PlayStation 3, DirectTV, and Wifi!

One of two large, screen-enclosed porches, this outdoor "room" provides the ultimate in tranquility. Overlooking acres of scenic marshlands, the porch features a couch that is relaxing enough for afternoon naps, rocking chairs, and a comfortable porch swing..

This game room/arcade has a Wurlitzer/Bubbler JukeBox, Miniature Pool Table which converts to various other games, Franklin Mint editions of Monopoly & Scrabble....as well as dozens of other classic board games ----to create the ultimate family game night. There's even an arcade cocktail table playing classic video games from the 80's!

The superhero ballpit is the ultimate fun room for kids & adults. Featuring more than 23,000 colorful, air-filled balls, a 2 story enclosed speed slide, rock climbing steps, and a basketball hoop, it's another excellent  place to let imaginations run wild. Two bunk beds are included!

The Star Wars Bedroom features a 2-level, custom-built AT-AT walker bunk bed, a Star Wars Pachinko Machine, video game console, table filled with Star Wars apps, lightsabers on the ceiling, and more!

The loft features an authentic/classic Skeeball machine, a "Hoops" basketball game, an interactive scavenger hunt, darts, it's also the entry/access point for the speed slide that drops riders off in the ballpit down below. Add air mattresses to this room for more sleeping space!

The main house's kitchen is equipped and stocked with everything you'll need to prepare anything from a piece of toast to full gourmet meals. There's a 6 range gas stove top, oven, two sinks, two dishwashers, and an enormous amount of custom cabinetry.

The formal dining room combines a touch of elegance with relaxed living as its windows open to expansive views of scenic marshlands and a sliding glass door leads to the deck overlooking our gorgeous waterfall fed pool & speed slide.

This whimsical living room has a revolving carousel horse table, carousel murals, carousels carved into the fireplace mantel....and even a classic Fortune Teller Machine AND a Penny Press Machine in which you can press your very own souvenir "Ever After Estate" pennies!

Through huge windowed doors, gaze out at the waterfall-fed pool while watching any of our 1,000+ movie titles in state-of-the-art surround sound. The couch has a double-sized sleeper sofa and linens are provided.

The windows of this room look out over 2 carousel horse rides and expansive marsh views. There's a plasma TV and surround sound. Customized mural & trim work adorns the ceiling and accents the walls. The king-sized mattress is the ultimate in luxury and the bed dressings have been nicely updated since this photo shoot.

This "wow" bedroom is loved by performers of all ages. Featuring two twin beds/bunks, there's also a stage, performance equipment, and also plenty of books, toys, & games on-hand just to add to the never-ending list of things that entertain at The Ever After Estate.

This is the ultimate master bathroom. Gorgeous natural coquina floors lead to a bathtub from which water pours out of a horizontal slit in the style of a waterfall. There's a double shower, double vanity, and the sliding doors lead out to the waterslide's entrance. Use your imagination!

One of 4+ arcade areas, this one features a full-sized air hockey table, The Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game, Crazy Taxi, and a multicade with more than 60 classic 1980s games including Frogger, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Time Pilot, & Burger Time.

Boasting gorgeous natural stone floors, the cabana bathroom is approximately 150 square feet and features its own tub, shower, and even an air conditioning unit.  In fact, it's so spacious and nicely decorated that at least one guest has insisted on sleeping in a rollaway bed placed right in the middle of this room!

Many guests have reported that "the photos don't do this room justice." Its extremely comfortable Queen-sized bed sits in the middle of a tranquil scene. Its exterior door leads to a gorgeous porch and views of beautiful greenery. A flat screen TV & DVD player sits in the cabinetry...

This unique bedroom features a wild Egyptian theme. With in-wall columns, custom mural work, and a luxurious King-sized bed, it's sure to be one of the many rooms that members of your group "fight" over.  There's also a flat screen TV, DVD player, and even a replica of King Tut's chair!

The only thing missing is a rope hanging from the ceiling for swinging! The "Rainforest Bedroom" is, literally, jungle luxury! Surround yourself with monkeys, a huge, wall-sized mural, and still enjoy modern technology on the flat screen TV & DVD player while resting in another luxury bed!

Call it the "Southwestern Room." Refer to it as the "Cowboy & Indians Room." Whatever you name it, this rustic retreat is sure to cater to your wild side while providing a good night's sleep in its Queen sized bed. There's a flat screen TV, DVD player, and even a large Indian drum!

Another gorgeous master bathroom. This one features a walk-in shower, dual vanity, & plenty of floor space. Custom art work adorns the walls and marble covers the floors...

This is the ULTIMATE Harry Potter room-- Complete with back story, photos of the ancestors, flying broom, and so much more. Definitely not for Muggles!

The guest house kitchen has everything you'll need to cook a good meal. Technically, this is one of 3.5 kitchens as there's also the main house kitchen, the outdoor/summer kitchen, and a little kitchen nook (fridge//toaster/microwave only) in the Entertainment Building.

The library features a number of well-known titles for reading (there are more in the cabinets)...as well as a computer workstation, and a number of fun puzzles to solve. There's a gorgeous full bathroom and a "secret door" leading into the 400 square foot exercise/Rocky bedroom.

This virtual tour was filmed standing "way out" in one of The Ever After Estate's expansive fields looking back at the house & its surrounding buildings. This particular vantage point is extremely serene & private. Bring a book, meditate, or start a softball game!

Here, you'll see one of many areas of marsh/mote surrounding the island as well as one of several relaxing gazebos with bench swings where you can enjoy a picnic or just a read a book while the kids play freely. 

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