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Skeeball Machine at Vacation Home near Disney & Orlando
skeeball at vacation home rental

The Animation Skeeball Loft

luxury vacation home rental w/ skeeball game

This unusually eccentric room features a classic Boardwalk Skeeball machine, Hoops Basketball Game, and Electronic Darts. Additionally, there is a themed reading nook and a 'mysterious' entrance to the second story enclosed speed slide leading to the ballpit room below...

After climbing stairs aboard a rope-lit spacecraft, you enter the skeeball loft area. Upon arrival, wall murals spell out your mission: Take the "time warp hall" to the "assigned planet" to capture an outer space evildoer! (The "planet" is a room illustrated by a 360 degree custom-mural in which you search for clues to track down the one you seek....but wait... Did he go down the slide into the ballpit?...Do you DARE to follow?...

Can't get enough? This game room even doubles as a bedroom - completed with two themed twin comfortable beds!

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