A Private, Movie-Themed Island For Rent Near Orlando
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Vacation Home With Movie Theater and Arcade Games - Orlando Area
vacation home with movie theater and arcade games vacation home with movie theater and arcade games

The Movie Theater And Its Pinball Arcade

vacation home near Orlando and Disney with movie theater and arcade games

As you approach The Ever After Estate's movie theater area, you'll pass life-size statues of iconic Hollywood legends and enter a hallway adorned with lit-up marquees & custom mural work. In the actual theater room, you'll find plush...fully-reclining seats. Watch High-Definition DirectTV, use the PlayStation.....and view your favorite Blu-Rays or DVDs on the huge 120+" screen. Intense, state-of-the-art surround sound will shake the room during today's effects-laden blockbuster hits. Many of our guests report that the movie theater is such a hit ... that their teenagers, tweenagers, & others opt to camp out there using the recliners as beds!


Every good movie theater needs an arcade! Ours boasts two high-tech pinball machines AND an "Arcade Legends" Multicade machine featuring over 120 classic video games from the 80s and 90s including Centipede, Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat. But remember: We have 3 other video game arcades as well!

Whether you choose to watch an all-night marathon of cinema classics or duke it out one-on-one in today's top video games on the big screen, The Ever After Estate's movie theater is sure to entertain your family or group for days! Remember: We also have an additional POOLSIDE movie theater as well! Your family can literally have one movie going on the big screen outdoors and another going on the big screen indoors!

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