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A House With A Ballpit Room
ballpit room ballpit room

The Marvel Vs. DC Ball Pit Bedroom (2 Twin Bunks)
Splash Into More Than 23,000+ Colorful Balls!

You can practically swim in the balls! This unique bedroom is fun for all ages (There are some weight limits for beds but most adults are a-ok!). Experience the rush of our indoor, enclosed speed slide. Rock climb the wall only to fall back into the balls below... Shoot baskets across the room AND -- even sleep two people in this unique setting's bunk beds! Bounce balls off Captain America's shield while you play our Marvel Vs. DC ballpit adventure challenge too! No other house has anything like it!

ball pit bedroom

There are soooo many ways to have fun in and around the ballpit! Hide-n-Seek in the balls...Playing "hoops" with the balls...The Marvel vs. DC challenge posted on our wall....

During their first day at the estate, walk your guests past the room while asking them to keep their eyes closed. After they're past the room, have them open their eyes and take them upstairs to the speed slide's entrance. They won't be able to see where it leads. Encourage them to go down the slide...and listen to their laughing reactions as they unexpectedly splash into thousands of colorful, air-filled balls!

Click the image below for a 360 Degree Virtual  Tour of the Marvel Vs. DC Superhero Ballpit Bedroom!

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