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Movie Trivia Game at Vacation Rental near Disney World and Orlando
Freeze Frame Freeze Frame

The Freeze Frame Living Room
Be A Detective In The Multiverse!

This incredible room tells the story of a family who experienced a multiversal incident while watching a superhero movie. It ended with their living room being "wrecked" and all movie trivia memory being erased from their minds. Your mission is to grab one of the blacklights (provided) and go on a quest to find the hidden codes imprinted on each multiversal trespasser or object.

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Once you find the correct answers, you'll enter them into an online gaming screen in an effort to restore the family's living room...and their memories of all things cinema. The task will be fun but not easy. You'll want to enlist a few of the best movie trivia buffs in your family. Put your heads together and play to win!

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